Research Expo And Competition UIN Malang

Research Expo And Competition UIN Malang

Research Expo And Competition UIN Malang

REOC ’14 Research Expo and Competition 2014 for Asia

Solving global problems is the responsibility of any researchers, while promoting researchers work on possible global issues is on the shoulder of any concern individual. However, inviting your masterpieces to be recognized by the world and delivering beneficiaries for human life is our concern in fulfilling our responsibility. But promoting your own work to overcome global problems is your life commitment. JOIN US to build up a better world.

REOC 2014 is a three days expo and competition to promote research products which potentially solve global issues existed today.The winner will be awarded Golden, Silver and Bronze medal. It aims to strengthen research outcomes in the field of Science and Technology to help mankind in solving human life and environmental problems. The purpose is to drive the growth of research activities through the entire region of Asia.

Be The Best And Be A Winner
1. Golden Medal (1st Prize) + Award.
2. Silver Medal (2nd Prize) + Award.
3. Bronze medal (3rd Prize) + Award.

Important Date of Competitions
Due date of registration is August 11th, 2014.
Payment is made before August 25th, 2014.
Participant is required to send detail information of the research product before September 8th, 2014
Research Expo and Competitionis conducted on September 15-17th, 2014.

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